Children's Party Entertainment

Some Useful Party Hints & Tips

The best way to ensure that your party is a success is to hire a professional, experienced, reputable, fully vetted children's entertainer, preferably one that comes with a friends recommendation.

The Date

Always remember to choose your date carefully, try to avoid clashing with other events like friend’s parties, school fetes, holidays, half term, major sporting events etc. Also remember that our popular children's entertainers are in constant demand and therefore to avoid disappointment please book early. It would be upsetting to organise your party and very few people turn up.

The Venue & Entertainer

Always ensure you book your venue and children's entertainer as early as possible - Entertainers get booked well in advance.


For six years and younger the 10.30am - 12.30pm complete party package has proved to be the most popular, as the children are eating at lunchtime and they don't have the anxiety of waiting all day for their party to start. But we do perform 7 days a week and our shows run from 9.00am and run as late as required.


Children's Party Entertainment can provide invitations free of charge when you book a children's entertainer for your party with us, or you can download and print them off from our website. Invitations should be sent out as early as possible to avoid guests missing out on the big day due to accepting an invitation elsewhere!


Dietary Rerquirements

Always remember to ask for details of any allergies or special dietary requirements that the guests may have. (We give out free guest info sheets with every booking.)

How Many Children Should We Invite?

Most children's birthday parties have around 15-30 children depending on the age of the child and the size of the venue. It is tempting for a child to want to invite their entire class to a party but its best to only do this if you have the room, or plan on hiring a hall or large venue. Please see our FIND A VENUE page for a full listing of venues. You should also be aware that some of your child's friends may not get on (this happens sometimes) or there may be a well known class trouble maker who delights in being disruptive. Do you really want to risk spoiling your child's birthday celebrations? It's best to stick with known friends and family members.

What Is The Best Age For Children's Parties?

The best age to start holding parties with guests of a similar age is three upwards. Children have usually started a toddler group and aren't far off pre-school or joining a playgroup by this age and have the social skills to be able to enjoy a party.

How Long Should A Birthday Party Be?

The average birthday party lasts for two hours. This seems to be just the right length of time for the children (a.) To be away from their parents, (b.) after two hours of magic, fun, games and dancing around, they will start to flag a little.

Where Should I Hold The Birthday Party?

Having performed everywhere from one bedroom flats to theatres, our children's entertainers can work anywhere within reason. Parents need to consider the ages of the children, the number of guests attending, whether parents will be staying, whether to have a theme party etc all of which will help determine the venue and amount of space required. Please see our FIND A VENUE page for a full listing of venues.

What About Party Blowers/Poppers & Balloons

If there is one piece of advice that will help you have a happy party it is this. No party blowers and No Party Poppers. Noise makers will not only give you a headache within minutes but children rarely heed the party popper warning of pointing them away from other children's faces and eyes. Children have been injured by an eye full of streamers on more than one occasion so play safe no noise makers please for your own sanity.

As for balloons they are fine if they are attached to the wall or door frames but never scatter them all over the floor. This is one of the most common mistakes that parents make. Firstly if you have any boisterous children they will run straight in and jump on them. They find it highly amusing to pop the. But what happens is it also gets the children hyped up too much and you'll find it hard to settle them down again.

The other thing that happens is any shy, timid, or young children who are not sure about leaving their parents or who are afraid of crowds get distressed at the loud bangs and they won't want to leave their parents for fear of the loud noises and they will probably end up clinging to their parents for the rest of the party and won't want to join in.

At The Party


Tie balloons to the front door/fence/gate of the venue to guide guests to the party

Parking (This is one of the most important things to remember!)

Leave a space for the children's entertainer to park, as they will have lots of heavy equipment to unload. Some will need access to their vehicle during the food break of the two-hour party package. If the entertainer has nowhere to park this could delay the start of the show.


Remember to leave a table spare to put the presents on, and take extra bags so that you can carry the birthday gifts home easily.

Contact Numbers and Name Badges for Guests

As you check off guests arriving at the party get a contact number from the parents who are not staying in case of emergencies - These sheets are automatically sent out to you when you make a booking with us. We also suggest sticking name badges on each of the children, as your child may know everyone at the party but others may not.


If your party is straight after school it's a good idea to give the children a snack and a drink on arrival to tide them over until teatime.

Don't Forget


Including matches to light the candles and extra serviettes to wrap cake if taking home.

Mobile Phone

In case of emergencies


Don't forget to charge batteries and camera film or spare memory card.

Kitchen roll and cloths

For any spillages.

Wet Wipes

For sticky hands and faces.

Party Bags

plus a few extra party bags for siblings who may stay unexpectedly.

Refuse Sacks

Plenty of refuse sacks for all the rubbish.

We hope this has helped you. If there is anything that you fieel we haven't covered above, please feel free to give us a call or email us.