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Children's Workshops in Balloon Modelling - Circus Skills - Magic.

Our entertainers regularly run various workshops for schoolsplay-schemes, corporate and private fun days and Birthday parties.  We also regularly run workshops as a PTA run after-school activity and for Scout or Girl Guides groups who are trying to obtain their entertainment badges. There are numerous different options for you to choose to suit your personal needs and budget.Our workshops will challenge, amaze and inspire the children.

These hands-on sessions have proved a great success with children 8 yrs and upwards. 
Not only do the children enjoy taking part and interacting with the entertainer in our workshops, but they also learn new skills, which in turn boosts their confidence and self-esteem.

By having hands-on tuition from one of our experts in their chosen field, the children quickly pick up tips and techniques that it would take others month’s maybe even years to learn unaided. Our workshops can include Magic & Misdirection, Circus Skills,  or Balloon Modelling after which the children can take away the skills they have learned during our workshops and impress their friends and family with their new talents such as mystifying magic,  spectacular balloon modelling and juggling skills. 

The workshops are available in slots of either:

  • 30 minutes. If there are lots of children, they can be split into small groups throughout the day
  • 45 minutes. As about if more time is available and also Ideal for Birthday Party Workshops. 
  • 1 hour. The more in-depth workshop, Teaching more advances techniques.
  • 2 hours. Another option for longer session Birthday Parties, or as a school reward for instance for a particular class, or Scout, Girl Guides Group.
  • The whole day. This can be booked for the whole school as a reward, where our tutor would teach a class at a time throughout the day. 
  • The whole week. As part of a Primary School activity week. Culminating in a "Show Day" where the children would get to perform their newly acquired talents.

There are many workshop options and combinations to choose from, you can have one entertainer performing one skill or a variation of skills, or you could book a number of entertainers each teaching an individual skill so that each class has something happening at the same time then they just alternate. That way the children get to have a go at lots of different skills. 

The best scenario is a group of no more than 35, and a maximum of 175 in a day for an individual performer. The reason being, If there were any more than this in a group it wouldn't be possible for one person to teach each child hands-on, so the session would become more of a show and tell performance, where the children would still learn the tricks of the trade but wouldn't have the individual props in front of them to practice with. 

Our entertainers will supply everything that is needed and all the things used can be found around the house or can be bought cheaply.  So why not let your children be the envy of all their friends and family with their newly acquired "Special Talents" taught by our very experienced Professional entertainers.

For Schools: 
Our entertainers will also perform a short spot and give a brief talk in your morning assembly if you wish them to.


In the Circus Skills Workshop, the children will learn. 

  • Plate Spinning
  • Ball, Silk, & Hoop Juggling
  • Chinese Ribbon Twirling
  • Stilt Walking
  • Diablo
  • Devil Sticks
  • The Hula Hoop
  • Basic Mime Technique
  • Balancing a Peacock feather on the finger and nose and much More.

In the Magic or Wizards Workshop, the children will learn.

  • The skills techniques and Illusions of the Master Magician.
  • Misdirection
  • Card Tricks 
  • Magic with String and Ropes
  • Coin Tricks
  • Mind Reading
  • How to use everyday objects in Magic routines and much more.

In the Balloon Modelling Workshop, the children will learn.

  • The correct balloons to use 
  • The tools of the trade, such as Pumps, Cutters, Marker Pens
  • How to correctly inflate a balloon
  • Knot tying techniques
  • How to master the different twists
  • How to twist various bubbles
  • How to make such balloons as Dogs, Swans, Pirate Swords, Flowers plus many more.
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